7 ways to avoid getting banned on WhatsApp

The joy that WhatsApp has brought to many people all over the world should not make you forget that there are rules you should follow so that you avoid getting banned from WhatsApp.

Now you are probably asking yourself what you have to do or stop doing so that you avoid getting banned on the world’s most used messaging app.

Worry not, for we are about to share with you some things that you should not do to avoid getting banned on WhatsApp.

Sending many messages at once

Sending too many messages at once will send a signal to WhatsApp that you have properly integrated a bot with your WhatsApp account. And for that reason, you will get banned.

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How many messages are too many? There’s no standard amount of messages that are considered too many. But surely, no living human being can send 10000 messages at once to different WhatsApp users.

Fake news is evil

Fake news! Fake news! Fake news! We are constantly being warned of the threat of fake news in distorting public opinion.

Given this, if you are caught distributing fake news,hoaxes or dangerous conspiracies, WhatsApp will ban you without thinking twice.

Copy versions of WhatsApp

You should not use unauthorized versions of the WhatsApp app if you don’t want to get banned.

There are several imposters of the original WhatsApp app out there and using them can get you in trouble. Some of the unauthorized copy versions of WhatsApp are WhatsApp GB,FM WhatsApp, WhatsApp plus and many more.

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To avoid ending up using unauthorized versions of WhatsApp, make sure that you install WhatsApp from your phone’s official app store.

Save your contacts

WhatsApp hates automation so if your messages are being received by people who didn’t save your number in their address book, you will get banned.

It’s good to always exchange numbers with someone before you start talking to them on WhatsApp to avoid getting banned.


If someone reports to WhatsApp that you are impersonating them, you will certainly get banned for a while. The length of the ban is up to WhatsApp’s discretion.

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Violating copyrights

Distributing copyrighted material gets you instantly banned if the copyright owner reports you to WhatsApp.

Since what WhatsApp cannot read our messages as they are end-to-end encrypted, the copyright owner has to report you for WhatsApp to ban you.

Also, you will get banned if you misuse WhatsApp’s branding material such as their logo. It wise not to alter anything that WhatsApp owns to avoid getting banned.

Sending malicious software

WhatsApp doesn’t hesitate to ban you if you send any malicious software on their the platform. As with copyrighted material, another WhatsApp user would have to report you so that WhatsApp bans you.

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