Brazil central bank permits WhatsApp to test its payment service

The central bank of Brazil has relaxed its stance against WhatsApp Payment services. The bank has permitted the Facebook-owned company to conduct trials of its payment services after the service was suspended in June.

The WhatsApp Payment service allows users in Brazil to make payments and send and receive money from WhatsApp.

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WhatsApp Payment service was launched in June and suspended a week under the instructions of the central bank and the country’s competition watchdog for a couple of reasons.

We’re aware that people are currently unable to use payments on WhatsApp, and we’re working with our partners to restore the service.

But now the two bodies have permitted WhatsApp to test their payment service with a couple of banks. Even if the tests go well, WhatsApp still has to wait for the approval from Brazil’s central bank and anti-trust watchdog to fully roll out the service.

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