Can’t use my iPhone keyboard when using WhatsApp

The keyboard is here to stay for the unforseen future despite the rise in voice-typing. There are times when your iPhone’s keyboard starts acting up when you are using WhatsApp such that you will fail to write messages.

In such a case, you only have to fix your iPhone’s keyboard to be able to write messages on WhatsApp. Indeed, if the keyboard is not working properly, Auto-Correction,Predictive text and the lines will not work as well. To be able to switch off and on your keyboard, you need to navigate to Settings, then General and then Keyboard.

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These days there are keyboards you can use which give better features than the native keyboard of iPhone. If you are using another keyboard then you only have to tap a small globe in the bottom corner of the keyboard.

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My iPhone’s keyboard is slow

There are also times when your iPhone’s keyboard feels like its no longer greased where it becomes super slow to type or add emojis. The cure to that disease is to simply reset your keyboard by navigating to Settings, then General, then Reset then Keyboard Dictionary.

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