Don’t do these things if you don’t want to get banned on WhatsApp

As many people join WhatsApp so are many people also getting banned for breaching WhatsApp’s rules. Like any other social media platform, WhatsApp bans you if you violate its a number of its sacred rules.

Be aware that we ban accounts if we believe the account activity is in violation of our Terms of Service.

By WhatsApp

If you are wondering what gets you banned from WhatsApp then keep on reading till the end. Banned users typically see a message saying that they are banned and a countdown time that shows when their ban will be listed as shown below.

Reasons to be banned on WhatsApp

Too much Blocking

WhatsApp has a feature that allows other contacts to block you so that you can’t send messages or call them. Apparently, WhatsApp notices when your number has been blocked by other people – but it doesn’t read your messages.

So when your number is constantly get blocked by numerous numbers it raises a flag to WhatsApp which might then blacklist your number and ban you for a period.

WhatsApp haven’t revealed how many times your number has to be blocked for them to that ban it. Nor have they also revealed when your number will be whitelisted but we think you will be forced to take a 3 month long sabbatical.

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Unauthorized versions of WhatsApp

Some users feel that the official WhatsApp app doesn’t offer all the features that they need so they add some features without WhatsApp’s approval.

The WhatsApp apps with unofficial features are called modded WhatsApp versions. And there’s a variety of them out there.

In a nutshell modded WhatsApp app versions have additional features which you don’t see on the official WhatsApp version that you down in Google Play store or Apple app store.

If WhatsApp detects that your number is using a modded WhatsApp app, then they can ban you for some time.

Identify theft

Yes, if someone reports you to WhatsApp that you have impersonating someone, you will easily get banned if you provide reasonable proof to WhatsApp.

This works well if someone has stolen your phone and they start impersonating you whilst using your WhatsApp.

Violating copyrights

It’s always noble to reward artists for their creativity. If you use WhatsApp to deprive artists of their financial rewards then WhatsApp won’t hesitated to ban you.

Actions like sending songs and videos of artists are some of the ways you can violate the copyright laws which can get you banned on WhatsApp.

Since WhatsApp doesn’t read our messages, the only possible way they know that you are violating copyrights is when someone actually reports you to them.

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Too many messages at once

We are in the age of bots, small computer programmes that imitate the human-computer interaction. Bots can send million messages at once which can congest WhatsApp’s servers.

So, if WhatsApp notices unusual activity characterized by a flood of messages sent at once you will get banned.

Sending malware

Hackers who send malware over the WhatsApp app will get banned without warning. The recipient of the malware will only need to report to WhatsApp to get you banned.

Sometime you may not have been the one who creates the malware but you just forwarded it. Still, it gets you in trouble with WhatsApp.

Fake news

It’s no longer fresh news that WhatsApp and other social media platforms are battling fake news. As with viruses, if you send fake news on WhatsApp you will get banned.

Hoaxes and rumours are all considered fake news which can get you banned on WhatsApp. Recipients also have an option to report you to WhatsApp by sending the company a screenshot of the message that you think is fake.

Unsaved contacts

There’s a reason why WhatsApp wants you to save the numbers of people who contact you for the first time. If you send messages to many people who haven’t saved your number then WhatsApp will ban.

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This is because WhatsApp will think that you are harvesting phone numbers and spamming people with messages. It’s always wise to tell people that you interact with to save your number before you start chatting on WhatsApp.

Can you register another number if you are banned?

Yes, you can. WhatsApp doesn’t collect any other identification information apart from your number when you register so when you register another number they will just assume that its somebody else.

What if you want to appeal to ban?

In the instance that you think you have been unfairly banned from WhatsApp, you can contact WhatsApp’s support team and explain your issue using this form.

We may not issue a warning before banning your account. If you think your account was banned by mistake, please email us and we’ll look into your case.

By WhatsApp

WhatsApp is a big company whose customer support gets tons of emails every day so there are higher chances that they can take an awfully long time to reply you. In that case you can use multiple channels to contact them including posting on Twitter and tagging them and writing in the comments section of their latest Facebook and Twitter posts.

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