Download WhatsApp Transparent to chat on a see through WhatsApp

WhatsApp’s popularity has given birth to many modified versions of the app for certain users who want extra features. Some of the modified versions of the WhatsApp include GBWhatsApp,Foud WhatsApp,FMWhatsApp, YoWhatsApp and many more

In addition to these apps, there’s another modified version of WhatsApp that’s gaining popularity. The app is called WhatsApp Transparent.

WhatsApp Transparent is a modified version of WhatsApp app that natively applies a transparent interface, therefore enabling users to view texts overlaid on the wallpaper of our phone’s home screen. Check out the screenshot below:

WhatsApp Transparent was created by the same guys who created GBWhatsApp so can rest assured that it also has exciting features as well.

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Features of WhatsApp Transparent APK

  • You can block WhatsApp calls.
  • You can hide online status.
  • You can download profile pictures.
  • You can send files as big as 2GB.
  • You can disable Read receipts but you can still see if other users read your message.
  • You can download other users Status Updates.
  • The app supports over 100 languages.
  • WhatsApp Transparent APK has DND.
  • It has many more themes than the original WhatsApp app.
  • You can send 90 media files at once. The original App only lets you send 10 files at once.
  • Texts and calls are encrypted on the app.
  • You can hide that you have viewed Status Updates of other users.
  • You can read messages that have been deleted.
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How to install WhatsApp Transparent APK

>Click here to download and install the WhatsApp Transparent APK file. The app is not available on Google Play Store because it’s a modified version of the original WhatsApp.

>Go to your phone’s Settings and enable installation of files from “Unknown Sources”.

>Enter your number and verify it.

>Restore any backup chats from a previous WhatsApp account if you had one.

>Start to chat with WhatsApp Transparent.

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Which Android software does it run on?

It runs on Android 4.0 version amd above. It doesn’t run on iOS and KaiOS.

Can you use WhatsApp Transparent on laptop?

No, you can only use it on an Android phone and tab. However, you can use WhatsApp Transparent on WhatsApp web on with Windows, Mac and iPhone.

Does WhatsApp permit the use of WhatsApp Transparent?

No. If you are caught using the app you will get banned. The length of the ban varies from each person to each person.

Click here to download WhatsApp Transparent.

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