How to access the internet and ‘Google’ via WhatsApp

WhatsApp is the world’s most used messaging app in the world with at least 2 billion users right now. Over the years since it entered the scene, WhatsApp has introduced several features to enhance the user-experience of the app.

Currently, WhatsApp is rolling out new features such as animated stickers, QR code to add new contacts, dark mode for WhatsApp Web and many more.

WhatsApp’s Team and the media usually make noise when the app gets new features but they seem to have overlooked a certain nifty feature available for Android users.

The feature doesn’t really have an apt name but let’s just call it “Search web”. The feature allows users to search for images on the internet via WhatsApp. Indeed, it’s as if WhatsApp turns into a search engine to allow WhatsApp users to look for images on the internet.

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Without further ado let’s see how you can use the Search the web feature to surf for image’s on the internet.

How to use ‘Search web’ feature on WhatsApp

Before we show how to look for images from the internet via WhatsApp, you should know that the feature can only be used on Groups chats only and not on individual chats.

Additionally, you can use the feature if you are in a group in which you are an admin or you can edit the group info.

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>Open WhatsApp and enter the group that you want to change a profile picture

>Tap the three dots on the right-topmost side of your screen.

>Now tap “Group info”.

>Tap the profile picture of the
WhatsApp group or the gray avatar of WhatsApp if the group doesn’t have a profile picture.

>Tap the pencil icon and four icons will pop-up. Among these icons is an icon labelled “Search web” Now you will see a tab where you can type any word for a picture you want to set as
a profile picture.

>After typing the word, you will see a list of pictures for your query available on the internet.

Feel at home to choose any picture and set it as your profile picture. However, you need to make sure if the image is not copyrighted as WhatsApp warns “ Image may be copyrighted”. Bear in mind that you will get banned if you infringe copyrights whilst on WhatsApp.

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Like we mentioned before this feature is only available for Android users only. It’s not available on the desktop client as well as on iOS.

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