How to send high quality photos or videos on WhatsApp

Maybe you are photographer and you want to send high quality photos to your client for a project you recently did for them. But the thing is, images sent via WhatsApp are stripped of their quality when they reach the recipient.

WhatsApp deliberately compresses images or remove their quality so that they their servers can process information faster and ensure faster delivery of messages.

Whilst the reason for doing this is noble, sometimes users want to share raw and high quality pictures with others for noble reasons as well.

Luckily, there are a couple of ways to send images over WhatsApp without losing their quality.

How to send high quality photos or videos on WhatsApp

>Open WhatsApp and enter the chat you want to send a high quality photo.

>Tap the paperclip icon.

>Tap “Documents”.

>Now search for the photo that you want to send with high quality from your gallery.

>After you find the photo, tap it to send it. And before you send it, WhatsApp will ask if you want to send the image.

>Tap “Send”. Congratulations you have sent a high quality image. When you have sent the image, you won’t see it’s thumbnail but it will just show the name of the file.

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This method can also be used if you want a recipient to receive a high quality video. But I only do this when I want to send high quality images but most of the time I use the default feature to send images or videos. 

I know you probably think that since you sent the high quality image by first going to the document section of the WhatsApp app, the photo won’t appear in the phone’s gallery. But, No, the high quality image will appear in your gallery despite the unusual method used to send it.

Another good thing about sending images this way is that the image or video will retain file name so that it will be easier to sort in your phone.

In other words, the image won’t have filename like this: IMG-20200701-WA0006. Rather it will have the original name which was on the image the sender sent. Read this article if you want to understand how more about sending files properly so that their names won’t become gibberish.

Second method to send high quality photos on WhatsApp

>Go to the picture you want to send

>Rename the last part of the image from “.jpg” or “.png” to “.pdf”.

>The image file will then change into a PDF or document.

>Now send the
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PDF or document.

>When the other user receives the

PDF or document, tell them to rename it from pdf to png or JPG. They will now be able to view the image in high quality.

The method also works when you want another user to receive a video in high quality.

Third option to send high quality pictures on WhatsApp

All the above methods work perfectly well to send high quality photos. However, it becomes tedious if you want to send many high quality photos to another user.

Fortunately, there’s a method that makes it easier to many send high quality photos at once.

> Go to Google Play store and download RAR or ES Explorer or any other app that you can use to create a zip file. There’s a iOS step by step

>Now create a zip file that contains all the images you want to send with high quality.

>Now go in your WhatsApp.

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>Tap the paperclip icon.

>Tap “Documents”.

>Now search for the zip file and send to the other user.

>Tell the recipient to unzip the zip file to view the high quality pictures.

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