Messenger and WhatsApp Integration details revealed

It seems like Facebook is still pursuing it’s project of connecting all of its platforms despite misgivings from privacy advocates over this move.

Wabetainfo has spotted a database(shown below) in Facebook which suggest that Messenger will be able to detect WhatsApp contacts that are blocked by a user. The database will also detect the WhatsApp number, archived chats and the message counter.

However, Messenger will not access WhatsApp messages, WhatsApp group members nor a users profile picture. When it comes to end-to-end encryption, Wabetainfo says:

Being WhatsApp messages end-to-end encrypted, it’s likely that Facebook will import the Signal protocol to encrypt and decrypt messages, already used by WhatsApp.

And on the question of whether the integration marks the end of privacy on WhatsApp, Wabetainfo says:

WhatsApp messages are end-to-end encrypted and they will stay that way, and WhatsApp is also working to encrypt messages and media when you back up your chat history on iCloud (currently under development).

Details regarding the marriage of WhatsApp, Facebook and other platforms are still fuzzy because the database doesn’t show if the features that come with the integration will be imposed on users or users can unilaterally opt-in.

There wasn’t much information, for example the possibility for the user to block this “feature“, how this is possible and how the safety of the user is guaranteed, because there are a lot of concerns about this merge.

For some people, the whole integration business will be not much of a big deal. But for me, I’m nervous because I don’t know how much of my data will be passed between all Facebook apps,some of which I’m not on, without my permission.

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Facebook is still mum on the timeline of fully integrating all of its apps to become one super platform. The wheels have already been set in motion as we are currently seeing the tagline “From Facebook” when we open WhatsApp.

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