WhatsApp animated stickers spotted in Beta version

Yesterday WhatsApp promised us that they will roll out several features to enhance the user experience of the world’s most popular messaging app.

Turns out one of the features promised, animated stickers, are already being rolled out for beta users. Basically, animated stickers are stickers that make movements or actions to express a certain feeling or message as shown below. They are different to the static stickers that are currently available on WhatsApp which are static.

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Now, WhatsApp’s animated stickers have been spotted in the latest WhatsApp beta version v2.20.195.2 and they look really cool. Initially, they were released on the 21st of June but WhatsApp pulled them out, only to re-release them today.

WhatsApp is a late comer in the animated sticker game as Telegram and Gboard users have already been using them. Actually, WhatsApp has always been behind Telegram when it comes to introducing new cool futures such as dark mode or the deleting sent messages.

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How to enable WhatsApp animated stickers in the Beta version.

>Users need to tap the emoji icon.

> And then select the sticker panel located at the bottom.

>Tap the plus (+) icon in order to add new stockers.

>That’s when you will see WhatsApp’s animated stickers which you can preview by tapping them.

The animated stickers animate when you scroll towards them in the chat. So if you want them to re-animate, you’d have to exit and re-enter the chat or scroll up or down in the chat and then return to them.

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Since these animated stickers are still in the beta version, not every WhatsApp user will be able to see them unless you signed up for beta testing. We don’t know how much time we have to wait before WhatsApp rolls out the animated stickers to everybody.

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