WhatsApp glitch hiding Last Seen among other issues

Its not you but almost everybody who is failing to seen their WhatsApp contact’s Last Seen. It looks like the world’s most popular messaging app has experienced a glitch which is hiding Last Seen.

‘Last Seen’ is a feature that shows other WhatsApp users when others users when last did another user used WhatsApp.

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The glitch also hid users online status. As a result of this, according to Wabetainfo, news peddlers are saying that WhatsApp is removing these features for good but that is not the case.

A lot of users are sharing some tweets on Twitter, reporting that WhatsApp is experimenting new features like hiding the last seen, the online status, and soon WhatsApp will disable the read receipt: IT’S FAKE!

These are not new WhatsApp features but it’s caused by a general outage or server-side bug worldwide.

In addition, users are faling to register their number and log into their account after installing or re-installing the app.

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June 2020 – Update: WhatsApp has fixed the glitch, users can now see Last seen and able to register their accounts.

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