WhatsApp puts a limit on use of animated stickers

It seems like some people were abusing the recently released animated stickers by making them oversized.

In response to this, WhatsApp has limited the size of animated stickers users can send or forward to each other. The news about this restriction didn’t come from WhatsApp themselves but from popular tipster Wabetainfo.

WhatsApp has recently introduced a new limit for sending animated stickers: when the sticker is too large, it won’t be sent/forwarded, so certain users cannot create bad stickers irresponsibly. The size limit may vary according to the platform, but generally it’s 1MB per sticker.

Currently there’s no standard maximum size of animated stickers that’s considered too big to send across all WhatsApp platforms. Wabateinfo, though, suggest that users should strive to create and send animated stickers not more than 1 MB big.

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Why WhatsApp is limiting size of animated stickers

Did you know that videos use more server resources than texts messages, photos and static stickers?

In view of this, the most plausible reason why WhatsApp has done this is that it doesn’t want it’s servers to be overstressed from big files users will be sending to each other.

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This is not news. WhatsApp is notorious for protecting its servers from working overtime that’s why it reduces the quality of photos and videos when you send them.

WhatsApp versus Telegram on animated stickers

If you’ve been following the WhatsApp and Telegram rivalry, you know that Telegram is currently the winner. Telegram always introduce the coolest features first and WhatsApp follows later on.

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This latest move by WhatsApp is a further setback in the quest to topple Telegram as Telegram doesn’t limit the size of its animated stickers.

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