WhatsApp to allow setting different wallpapers for different chats

WhatsApp is cooking another feature called Multi-Wallpaper which will change the look of chats. Users who were fed up with using a single wallpaper across all chats should be glad to know that they will soon be able to use different wallpapers in different chats.

Multi-Wallpaper will also allow WhatsApp users to increase/decrease brightness of the wallpapers that you choose for different chats. The feature is currently in the works and will be launched in a future update according to Wabetainfo.

WhatsApp is currently working on a new feature that allows to use different wallpapers in different chats! You can also choose a different wallpaper when you switch the system theme.

As you can see in this screenshot, you will be also able to adjust the brightness of your selected wallpaper.

It’s been ages since WhatsApp last came up with any enhancement for the wallpaper section and to come up with such a feature only rewards the wait.

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The customization of wallpapers for each individual chat will ensure that users will quickly identify who they are talking to if they hurriedly entered a chat without checking the header name of the chat.

Like the team at Wabetainfo, we also hope that WhatsApp will bring more features like these where users can, for instance, activate auto-downloading or Read receipts just for individual chats and not for all the chats.

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